Back in the Spring of 1994 the Canucks were heading to the cup and Jason Antony was starting a funky Yaletown restaurant and gallery space. A couple years after a successful start for the restaurant, Jason was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a digestive disease that would change his life forever. For the first few years, he tried different medications, all with a long list of side effects and little hope for a cure. He was in the delicate process of symptom management.

Soon after this time, Jason met Linda Antony. Linda had a passion for food and design and their destiny together began. Linda graduated with honors from culinary school just before having their first of three boys in Yaletown. Everything was falling into place except Jason’s Illness. After having the highs and low with various diets and medications and after having a second child , Jason knew he needed to make a change if he wanted to be around for their grand children. Daily pain and discomfort were signs of a problematic future.

The restaurant produced an eclectic menu with many organic items and solutions for people with dietary restrictions. After many discussions with clients and hours online, Jason switched to a plant based diet and has not looked back. Living symptom and medication free for over 7 years, Jason found his answer. Linda and Jason realized many years ago that his problems were not unique. The real problem lies in our food system.

In general , the food we eat as a society is void of nutrients either because it is manufactured with synthetic and dead ingredients or because it has been grown in dead soil that is artificially fertilized creating large empty shells of food.

Other than growing food ourselves, organic and biodynamic agriculture are the best defaults when selecting food. The majority of these farmers care about the future of our land and our food system, not just making cheap food.

Moving ahead to 2011, the Canucks are heading to the cup again, the restaurant closed due to fire and Linda and Jason have three sons. They decided to use their common passion for healthy, quality food based ingredients to create a small and intimate shopping experience. Antony and Sons is reminiscent of days gone by, yet in touch with many of today’s progressive food movements. One can find both local and organic produce, spices, grocery, local flowers, fresh bread, dairy, personal care products and a large selection of loose leaf teas. They also stock many gluten free, vegan and raw options with case lot and special orders available.